Publikacije (19596)

J. Plutzer, B. Lassen, P. Jokelainen, O. Djurković-Djaković, I. Kucsera, Elisabeth Dorbek-Kolin, B. Šoba, T. Sréter et al.

Plutzer , J , Lassen , B , Jokelainen , P , Djurkovic-Djakovic , O , Kucsera , I , Dorbek-Kolin , E , Soba , B , Sreter , T , Imre , K , Omeragic , J , Nikolic , A , Bobic , B , Zivicnjak , T , Lucinger , S , Stefanovic , L L , Kucinar , J , Sroka , J , Deksne , G , Keidane , D , Kvac , M , Huzova , Z & Karanis , P 2018 , ' Review of Cryptosporidium and Giardia in the eastern part of Europe, 2016 ' Eurosurveillance , vol. 23 , no. 4 , 16-00825 , pp. 21-43 . https://doi.org/10.2807/1560-7917.ES.2018.23.4.16-00825

Armin Teskeredˇzi´c, Amer Mešanović, M. Cosovic, Armin Teskeredzic

: Integrating inverter-based resources into power systems increases their complexity, and makes their operation more challenging. The conventional approach for simulating power systems neglects transients of the power grid, using steady-state phasors and considering only fundamental frequency values. However, to accurately predict the dynamic behavior of systems with high shares of inverter based resources, electromagnetic transient simulations (EMTSs) are necessary. The primary limitation of classical time-domain EMTSs is their frequent time-consuming nature, making them impractical for larger systems. In this work, we explore the use of dynamic phasors (DPs) as a technique to accelerate EMTSs. For this purpose, we first adapt the power grid and inverter model to DP simulation. Subsequently, we assess the effectiveness of this approach through three numerical examples, demonstrating a reduction in the simulation times by a factor of 4 to 40.

Sid Black, Stella Biderman, Eric Hallahan, Leo Anthony, Laurence Gao, Horace Golding, He, Wei-Lin Chiang et al.

Large language models (LLMs) have demon-001 strated powerful capabilities in natural lan-002 guage processing, yet their vast number of pa-003 rameters poses challenges for deployment and 004 inference efficiency. Structured model pruning 005 emerges as a viable approach to reduce model 006 size and accelerate inference, without requir-007 ing specialized operators and libraries for de-008 ployment. However, structured pruning often 009 severely weakens the model’s capability. De-010 spite repetitive fine-tuning can restore the capa-011 bility to a certain extent, it impairs LLMs’ util-012 ity as versatile problem solvers. To address this 013 issue, we propose a novel structured pruning 014 algorithm tailored for LLMs. It derives the im-015 portance of different components, namely rows 016 and columns in parameter matrices, based on in-017 termediate data dependencies. Then it removes 018 coupled components across different layers si-019 multaneously and preserves dependency rela-020 tionships within remaining parameters, avoid-021 ing significant performance degradation. The 022 pruned model requires only few epochs of fine-023 tuning to restore its performance, ensuring the 024 model’s ability to generalize. Empirical eval-025 uations on LLaMA, Vicuna, and ChatGLM3 026 demonstrate our algorithm’s efficacy, yielding 027 20% parameter reduction while retaining at 028 least 94.4% of original performance metrics. 029

Suzana Jahić, Sebila Rekanović, S. Duranović

: Una-Sana Canton with geographical and climatic characteristics abounds in different types of cheese produced from cow's milk. In this paper presents the production process and the results of chemical and sensory analysis of three types of domestic cow's cheeses, where acetic acid and whey were used for milk coagulation, and the heating temperature of milk ranged from 90°C to 95°C. For the third type of cheese, the milk coagulated using its own microflora, and the heating temperature ranged from 50°C to 55°C. Cheeses produced by coagulation of milk using their own microflora and whey could be classified as semi-soft cheeses, and cheese obtained by coagulation of milk with acetic acid in the group of semi-hard cheeses. Sensory analysis of the cheeses showed that the cheese produced by coagulation of milk with acetic acid had the highest total score of 94.10 points; then followed the cheese obtained coagulation of milk by its own microflora with 84.16 points, and the lowest number of points 81.92 had the cheese produced by coagulation of milk using whey.

Besim Demirović, Zijad Požegić, S. Kovač, Safet Kapo, Haris Alič, G. Manic, N. Djuric, Kristina Saric et al.

Parallel programming is a form of computation in which the calculations are carried out simultaneously, operating on the principle where large problems can be divided into smaller, which are then solved in parallel. Most common this programming is used in high performance computing, but due to the physical constraints which prevent frequency scaling the interest is even higher. As computers consumption has become a problem in the recent years, the parallel programming has grown into the dominant paradigm in computer architecture, mainly in the form of multicore processors. The paper shows the process of designing parallel programs and it includes some results obtained by testing the parallel programming performance of different nVIDIA GeForce graphics cards. The purpose of the test is to compare performance of several types of GPUs for various applications. The results of the test could not specifically say which GPU is best due to the different features of the cards, but they can be used to determine which card offers better performances for different parts of the tests.

P. Tasić, Ismar Hajro

This paper describes influences of heat input on leg size of pulsed GMAW fillet welds of unalloyed steel with thicknesses of 4 mm, in horizontal and overhead position. Varied parameters were welding current and speed, while voltage and current profile were predefined by welding equipment manufacturer. Influence is described through models based on linear regression analysis. Comparison is made between developed models, as well as with those available in literature.

Lukas Hallberg, F. Djodjic, M. Bieroza

. Agricultural headwater streams are important pathways for diffuse sediment and nutrient losses, requiring mitigation strategies beyond in-field measures to inter-cept the transport of pollutants to downstream freshwater resources. As such, floodplains can be constructed along existing agricultural streams and ditches to improve fluvial stability and promote deposition of sediments and particulate phosphorus. In this study, we evaluated 10 remedi-ated agricultural streams in Sweden for their capacity to reduce sediment and particulate phosphorus export and investigated the interplay between fluvial processes and phosphorus dynamics. Remediated streams with different flood-plain designs (either on one side or both sides of the channel, with different width and elevation) were paired with up-stream trapezoidal channels as controls. We used sedimentation plates to determine seasonal patterns in sediment deposition on channel beds and floodplains and monthly water quality monitoring. This was combined with continuous flow discharge measurements to examine suspended sediment and particulate phosphorus dynamics and reduction along reaches. Remediated streams with floodplains on both sides of the channel reduced particulate phosphorus concentrations and loads ( −

Francesco La Rosa, A. Abdulkadir, João Fartaria, R. Rahmanzadeh, Po-Jui Lu, R. Galbusera, M. Barakovic, J. Thiran et al.

The presence of cortical lesions in multiple sclerosis patients has emerged as an important biomarker of the disease. They appear in the earliest stages of the illness and have been shown to correlate with the severity of clinical symptoms. However, cortical lesions are hardly visible in conventional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) at 3T

Önka Kağıt, Ürünleri İmalatı, Büyük Sanayi, Cadde Keskinler, İşhanı, İskitler Ankara, Seval Kayabölen, Ayse Guler et al.

01 - Linguistic (Im)politeness

Amel Mekić, Rasim Lakota, Mladen Živković, Muhammet Çelik, Merima Merdan

variables antropométricas de los competidores masculinos y femeninos, más notablemente en el grosor de los pliegues cutáneos y la proporción de tejido graso (p≤ 0,01). Conclusión: En consecuencia, estos datos pueden ayudar a los especialistas en taekwondo en las primeras etapas de selección, especialmente cuando los exámenes avanzados son imposibles. Estudios adicionales que perfilen a este grupo de respondedores deberían incluir más características para ayudar a los profesionales a reconocer talentos y crear objetivos en el programa de capacitación.

Merima Toromanović, J. Ibrahimpašić, I. Šišić, Samira Hotić

: Ultrasonic flowmeter works on the principle of transmitting and returning ultrasonic waves that pass through the liquid, ie. fluid, and is used to measure the speed of fluid movement through a pipeline or some other structural form of fluid movement. By knowing the velocity of the fluid and the cross-sectional area of the pipeline or other system, the value of the volumetric or mass flow can be obtained indirectly. Fluid flow measuring device model OMNI TDI 200H owned by the laboratory of the Biotechnical Faculty was used for the first time to measure the flow of purified water at the outlet of the plant device of the training center "Grmeč", built as a pilot plant. The paper will describe the role and importance of flow measurement by the conventional method and present the results of the trial operation of an ultrasonic flow meter, model OMNI TDI 200H.

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