S. Vranić, Zoran Gatalica
0 24. 4. 2024.

Tumor-type agnostic, targeted therapies make a new step forward: The first tumor-agnostic approval of a HER2-targeted therapy.

Oncologic treatment has recently undergone substantial therapeutic paradigm shifts, from classical tumor-specific and biomarker-agnostic approaches to more molecular, biomarker-specific, and tumor-agnostic. Tumor-type (histology) agnostic drugs work across cancer types and present a novel shift in precision oncology. Compared with traditional cancer therapies, this novel approach implies molecularly informed treatment strategies and enables targeted treatment regardless of tumor histology (type). Such drugs are usually utilized in small clinical cohorts with diverse tumor types sharing a common genomic event (molecular biomarker). One of the key elements of this approach is the presence of a common biomarker across many tumor types. Biomarker predicts response to the targeted drugs, as well as deciphers potential resistance mechanisms. Read more in the PDF.

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